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Reap the Benefits of Regular

Exterior Home Cleaning & Maintenance
Save Money at the Same Time!

Let Keystone Pressure Washing maintain the exterior of your property

all year long with our Professional Pressure Washing Maintenance Plan.

We will set up a scheduled cleaning service for whatever areas of your property

that are prone to get dirty faster, like windows.

Did last year's wet weather cause algae and mold growth on the sides of your house and decks? 

We can clean that up quickly and safely, all the way to the top of the house.

Are there black streaks on your roof? 

That is a mold that can be removed without damaging your roof.

Are your gutters taking away the beauty of your home? 

We can powerwash them to make them look new again. 

And we'll clean them out at the same time!

Driveways get dirty. We can clean them up by removing the dirt, grime, and grease/oil.

Are you having a special event and want your place to look great?  We can help!

Are you looking to sell your home and want the most out of the sale. 

Having a clean property creates curb appeal, attracting more buyers.


Looking to buy a property that is dirty?  

Ask the seller to have Keystone Pressure Washing clean it up.

For commercial sites, having a clean entrance is important. 

Let us clean up your front entryway and maintain your windows. 

We also provide fleet washing, dumpster pad cleaning, and sign cleaning.

Schools and daycare facilities take a lot of abuse.  Is the playground equipment dirty? 

We clean and sanitize that as well to help reduce the spreading of germs.

If you are ready to spruce up your exteriors with a fresh coat of paint or stain,

Keystone Pressure Washing offers paint prep 

to help restore and preserve your investment.

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